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PP- Regd Certificate
DSW Enlistment-14-15
PP-Memorandum & By Laws

Organization Vision and Objectives:

Who are we: We take the opportunity to project this organization as a representative of the under privileged/weaker section of the society for their continuous up gradation in all spheres for last ten years.

All disadvantaged groups e.g. women, children, aged and others irrespective of their castes, creeds, colours, status etc. have the inherent capacity to take responsibility and make choices about their lives. In fact, they are able to articulate and access their rights and emerge as leaders facilitating positive social change. People’s Participation (PP) sees itself as a facilitator enabling this change.  It believes that access to information and knowledge about the world and the changing political, social and economic structures contribute to the target groups having greater control over their lives.  A culture of silence prevents the disadvantaged groups from articulating their dreams and aspirations as well as to express the pains of violations they have experienced. People’s Participation hopes to create a culture of questioning that strengthens their abilities to challenge and change the structures that keep them silent. A collaborative and collective process that connects individuals and organization with each other enhances learning in a mutually beneficial way. People’s Participation aims to draw on this synergy to help reach common goals.

People’s Participation activities spread to several Districts in West Bengal and assistant has come from the local authorities, eminent personnel and citizens. Committed individuals from every lifestyle have chipped in.  Since its inception, the goal of the People’s Participation team has been to ensure that people gets their rights and is living in a healthy environment. Over this 8-year period, People’s Participation has organized thousands of people in different areas to become human rights facilitators, catalyzing life style changes within their communities. People’s Participation has developed a unique model based on Peoples’ rights to participation and development wherein they act as agents of change by forming groups and spreading awareness within their localities.

As we look back on another year and reflect on achievements and obstacles, let us reiterate the key elements that make People’s Participation unique—its replicable and strong foundation, a broad vision encompassing an inclusive geographical approach, a complete coverage, coupled with close links and co-operation with the Government.

VISION of ‘People’s Participation’ :  
We are committed to social justice, sustainable development and human rights. The right to communicate freely is a basic human right and a necessity for sustainable development. Access to information is essential to informed decision-making at all levels. We are committed to the dissemination of information and promotion of sustainable development initiatives, in response to the needs of underrepresented and marginalized sectors of society.

For bridging the data gap and improving information availability we are committed to develop and establish an ideal medium for the Participation and exchange of a trusted and accurate source of quality information.

Empowerment of the vulnerable section of the disadvantaged section; to provide basic Education, Health, Training, Recreation to the down trodden people and empowerment of women and adolescent girls of the Society. To secure “Food-Shelter- Work” for all’ is our dream.


a) To promote sympathy, fellow feelings and unity among the followers of different faith so as to evolve a sense of social and religious toleration.
b) To enlistment the child rights for the poor children, in regard their education, primary health, nutrition and vocational trainings.
c) To work for the women’s various issues- as against dowry custom, domestic violations, education, mental health etc.
d) Gender sensitization programmes, human rights awareness programmes, programmes against addictions and more awareness programmes as and when required against social evils among the different communities.
e) Rehabilitation programmes for the beggars/Vagrants.
f) Rehabilitation programme for the old men and women.
g) To do all social welfare activities including public health and other development works in the communities.
h) To promote and encourage advancement of literacy, cultural, political and religious education.
i) To work on a major population health issue (communicable, non-communicable and sexually transmitted diseases) as STD/HIV and AIDS through preventive actions, awareness, early detection, screening and management involving establishment of charitable hospitals, with medical staffs, health workers and volunteers.
j) To work against human trafficking, to prohibit this trade from the root, create awareness among the community people against this social evil.
k) to work for the  “ poorest of the poor” community in our society to establishment their food and work rights.
l) to do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conductive to the forgoing objects. 
m) Awareness building and protection of environment. To built a pollution free society.
n) To work on communal harmony and peace building among different caste, class and religion.
o) To work on Yoga therapy to cure diseases and to spread yoga concept through awareness building.
p) To promote the interest of consumers and their rights through awareness building and other in depth programmes, to link up activities with State and Central Govt when required.
q) Work with old aged people, their legal rights, mental and physical health issue.
r) Women are the most vulnerable section of our society; so we will work with the interest of women. There are different issues; as dowry system, education, vocational training, mental and physical health, HIV & AIDS related issue, domestic violence, Domestic Help and other marginalized society in urban and rural areas.
s) To protect the children rights through providing education, nutrition, sports and other activities and also charitable dispensary.
t)To work with the youths on their vocational training, life skill education, training, awareness on social and cultural development, education and community library & Charitable dispensary.
u) Sports & Games will be the other important activities to protect our society from social evils.
v) Celebration of special days, like Independent Day, Rabildranath Tagore Birth Day Celebration Etc.
w) To work for the interest of different sex people (Lesbians, Eunuch, by sexual & other).
x) To do all kind of social and economical studies and research.
y) Offering human Rights Education to the general people and make them aware on human rights issues.
z) To work on adult education programme to eradication illiteracy among the adult people.
Z-1) To work for the beggars to bring them under the scanner pf the Govt ambit.
Z-2) To organize Cultural Programme, to protect our culture, to organize seminar, workshop, rallies and meetings.
Z-3) Work for the betterment on rural development through awareness programmes, training, research, livelihood etc.
Z-4) Work closely to protect our democracy through awareness building on ‘Caste your Vote’ programme. Good Governance, Law and civil Society, economic reform and development and International relation.
Z-5) Work on Urban poverty thematic issue as and when required.
Z-6) To establishment of Backward Classes people’s rights with the co-operation with State & Central Govt.
Z-7) Work for SC/St/Minority peoples’ betterment through vocational training, education, life skills, Awareness building workshops etc.
Z-8) Organizing workshops, seminars, meetings, rallies for the interest of the poor and marginalized people of the society.
Z-9) To maintaining libraries and reading rooms.
Z-10) To open orphanage and family planning centers.
Z-11) To impart academic and vocational training education.
Z-12) To encourage the use of scientific and technological advancement while conserving the balance on the natural environment for the good of the people.
Z-13) To render relief to the sufferings in times of famine, flood, draughts, earth quake and other natural calamities.
Z-14) To do all social programmes through ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’s grants.
Z-15) To do all such social, economical activities for the betterment of Indigenous people.

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